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What do Lutherans do on Halloween? We nail stuff on church doors! On Oct 31, 2017, we celebrate ‘Reformation 500’ i.e. the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. On this day half a millennium ago, Martin Luther rocked Christendom by nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenberg Castle Church door, declaring his objections to key teachings of the Church at the time, especially those related to the sale of indulgences.

Among Luther’s teachings (many of which we take for granted today) was the 5 Solas’:

  1. Sola Scriptura – the Bible alone is our authority to determine doctrine (and not, say, tradition or hearsay)
  2. Sola Fide – salvation is through faith alone (and not prayers or payments to the church)
  3. Sola Gratia – salvation is by grace alone (i.e. that it is an act of God, and has nothing to do with Man’s efforts)
  4. Sola Christus – Christ alone is our Lord and Saviour (no other ‘god’ saves us)
  5. Soli Deo Gloria – We live for the glory of God alone

By the grace of Christ, may we continually affirm and uphold these five teachings of our faith. And may God be glorified and loved through it all.

This year, 2017, we celebrate the 500th anniversary of Lutheran Reformation. The Assembly will gather around the central theme, Liberated by God’s Grace. You can read more about this year-long worldwide observance at Liberated by God’s Grace, published by the Lutheran Church in Malaysia.

This year is also special because Catholics and Lutherans are asked jointly look back on the event of the Reformation and reflect on 50 years of official worldwide ecumenical dialogue during which time the communion they share anew has continued to grow. Lutherans and Catholics are encouraged to celebrate together the common witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You can download the report from here.

These are the 5 imperatives from the report (re-worded and annotated):

  1. Catholics and Lutherans must be continuously transformed by the true encounter of the other & by the mutual witness of faith.
  2. We must begin from the perspective of unity and not from the point of division. Recognise we belong to one body of Christ and start working towards true unity today. 
  3. Rediscover the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ of our time and make it relevant. Undo the centuries-old bias and suspicion over the other.
  4. Commit ourselves to seek visible unity, elaborate together what it means in concrete steps. This demands brand new approach on how we work together, despite our history.  Let us pray together, worshipping together, and serve communities together.
  5. Witness together the mercy of God in proclamation & services to the world. 

We continue to be guilty before Christ if we continue to damage the unity of His church by looking at what separates us first.


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