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“Hark, the glad sound! The Savior comes, the Savior promised long; let every heart prepare a throne and every voice a song.”

    The season of Advent is upon us! Just as the hymn quoted above reminds us, Jesus is indeed coming our way. In this Advent season, we wait and we watch in anticipation of Jesus’ arrival. We ready our hearts in order to welcome Jesus into our lives, and we raise our voices in song together. Throughout this season, we are reminded of the gifts that Jesus’ birth brought with it. In fact, as we journey through this season together, we are reminded of all of the things that Jesus’s arrival brings.


Jesus brings with him a radical hope to this world. Hope came to this earth the night Jesus was born and continues to thrive here. As we wait and we watch, we dwell in the living hope that God can and will take the things of this world that are bent or broken, and make them straight and true. No matter the evils that persist, we live with the confidence and hope that God’s more perfect way of love will prevail.

peaceJesus’ arrival signals a new era of peace in this world we live in. As an extension of the hope we find in Jesus the Christ’s arrival, we experience and desire the peace of our Savior. Though the world may not always be at peace, we find our peace in Christ. The Apostle Paul reminds us that this peace “surpasses all understanding” while also “guarding our hearts and our minds in Jesus alone.” It is this peace that enables us to live the loving lives God calls us to.

joyWith this season comes immense and incredible joy! Heaven and nature ring out to announce the birth of the Savior of nations. Even as we wait and watch, we are filled with joy at the reminder of when God came to earth and stepped into our human lives. What greater joy is there than the joy of knowing that God so loves this world that God sent Jesus into our lives, and remains with us today?

loveAnd finally, this time of year is a reminder to all of us of the radical world-changing love that we experience in Christ Jesus. As we wait and as we watch, we do so knowing that Jesus accomplished in this world through the power of love. The sick were healed, the downtrodden were given voice, and truth was spoken to the powers that be. In this Advent season, we live fully within this love. It is the truly the love of God through Jesus that allows us to love each other.

All of this prepares us for the arrival of Christmas, the annual celebration of when God chose to step into our human lives through the Son, Jesus Christ. So let us join together in our worship and our fellowship to celebrate this radical action of a loving God, while we also wait and watch for Jesus’ return. Let every heart prepare a throne, and every voice a song.


We are a family-oriented congregation of faith. Through a mix of contemporary and traditional music, visual media and practical messages, we present the ageless truths of the Bible in a format that’s easy to understand.  Regardless of where you are on your faith journey — whether you are seeking answers about or from God, or you are committed to Christ and seek an even deeper faith in His will — our hearts are open.

Come and join us in worship and in praise!  Our regular Sunday worship begins at 8:30am. Please contact our church administrator or check our calendar of events for information on any of our special services.

Luther House Chapel is a congregation of Lutheran Church in Malaysia.   Our Vision and Mission for 2017-2021 can be found here.

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